Our Place

Why are we unique

We are the Australia’s #1 Kobe Beef restaurant 

 We are the ONLY teppanyaki restaurant in Australia registered to Japan Teppanyaki Association (JTA)

 We are the ONLY Samurai Culture Theme teppanyaki restaurant in Australia

 We are the ONLY teppanyaki restaurant to provide home and event catering

 We are the ONLY teppanyaki restaurant to provide teppanyaki cooking classes.

KOBE BEEF link: http://www.kobe-niku.jp/shop/?lang=1

JTA link: http://www.teppan-yaki.jp/php/member/show/index.php?sel_cat1=9&sel_cat2=

Our History

A Taste of Spirit

Samurai Teppanyaki House is established in 2012, located at 116 King William Rd, Hyde Park. The concept was simply to create a cosy environment that was well suited to have a traditional Teppanyaki dining experience, serving quality freshly cooked meals and offering large Japanese beer and Sake selections.

Our focus is on the best food quality because we believe that is what you really care about. Therefore, we only have finest food ingredients and only use 100% Australian product of fresh vegetables, seafood, and meat. Our menu offers diverse items including 5-6 grade Wagyu beef steak, original Moreton Bay bugs, Tropical Green lobster, signature crispy-skin Duck breast and more than 30 authentic Japanese dishes. All your dishes will be prepared in front of your own eyes, combined with our chef’s unique sauces, which are made from traditional home-made recipes. Samurai chefs with their superb cooking skills present you a premium, traditional and authentic Teppanyaki feast. This is only accomplished with years of training.

Chef Clark and Jack are young and ambitious. Both have more than 10 years professional teppanyaki cooking and 5-star hotel restaurant working experience. We follow the very traditional and straight practicing method to cook dishes and train our own chefs. As Samurai chefs, we love cooking and devote passion, enthusiasm, creation, and patience on our food and pleasing customers. We carry on the spirit of ancient Samurais to serve our valued customers with great loyalty. Your satisfaction is our goal.


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