Japanese Wagyu Omakase

100% Full-blood Japanese Wagyu Beef AA5! The Experience of the REAL BEEF!

Exclusive Menu, with a World-Class Steak

$188 per person

Everyone has heard a story of Japanese Wagyu beef, this being the beef cattle treated better and has a better life than us humans – drinking beer, eating chocolate, listening to music and having a body massage!

Now, you don’t need to fly to Japan for this experience, Samurai has this beautiful wagyu beef ready for you. The fully imported 100% full-blood Japanese Wagyu beef steak, has a grading level of AA5 ( = Australian Marble Score 12).

For me, Teppanyaki is the best way and the only way to cook this extraordinary beef. The omakase style gives me a free mind to create the best menu to ensure our customers have the most extraordinary dining experience. I will use the most premium ingredients such as: Sashimi, Lobster, Moreton Bay Bugs, Oysters or Scallops, etc. to pair together with this King Beef.

Come on in to experience the smell, the flavours, the textures, and the feeling of it. There are no words that can describe it unless you taste it by yourself!

Due to the super limited supply and high demand, please make sure to book your seats ASAP. I’ll see you in front of the grill.

Presented by Chef Clark.

Exclusive Offer, with a Wine Pairing

$220 per person  more info